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Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy’s influence on modern day Plastic Surgery is immense and cannot be overstated: He has been the Professor in the training of hundreds of today’s top Plastic Surgeons and influenced innumerable others. He has devised and published over a dozen new and improved PlasticSurgical operational techniques that are currently the standard of care. He has authored three books on Plastic Surgery techniques as well as contributed over 30 chapters on a variety topics in other authoritative books on Plastic Surgery and written over 100 peer reviewed publications of Plastic Surgery. Despite all the accolades, awards and accomplishments, Dr. Lesavoy remains down to earth and continues working with various nonprofit organizations, traveling all over the world and treating children with life-threatening and disfiguring conditions. He’s also an animal rights activist who cares for and helps animals whenever he can.

Why Dr. Phil chose Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy for his recent procedure.

There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. So, how do you choose the plastic surgeon who is right for you? Reviews and endorsements matter, but in the final analysis, it should come down to having a consultation with several plastic surgeons, and thoroughly going over what your expectations are, how the plastic surgeon addresses your concerns, and for lack of a better word, “their bedside manner.” You should never feel rushed or pressured into making a choice that you will have to live with forever. This is why Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy offers complimentary consultations.

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Botched Star Terry Dubrow on Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy:

“And then I met a plastic surgeon named Malcolm Lesavoy. In my second year of med school, Dr. Lesavoy—suave, tall, sporting cowboy boots, an overall “beautiful human being,” said Dubrow —gave a presentation about plastic and reconstructive surgery in war. Dubrow was enamored. Dr. Lesavoy quickly became my mentor.”

Meet Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy

Those in the know trust Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy with their treatments as he is one of the most experienced ABPS certified plastic surgeons in the U.S. residing in the heart of glamorous Beverly Hills, California.

He was the Chief of Plastic Surgery for 25 years at UCLA, has published 3 books on plastic surgery, and his work has gained global recognition on Oprah, ‘Nip/Tuck’, Extreme Makeover, ABC News and the Discovery Channel.


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What They Say

Nancy W. Beverly Hills, CA

“Wow, Dr. Lesavoy you hit the mark! I am so grateful to you for how my eyes are beginning to emerge! I can’t wait to show them off to everyone. I can’t imagine what it’s like to do what you do with so much on the line.”

Tony M. Santa Monica, CA

“I have to say Dr. Lesavoy is probably one of the top cosmetic surgeons in the entire Southern California area. I recently had a face, eye, and neck lift and he did a fantastic job that looks so natural. No one has commented like “Oh did you have something done”, just that I looked great.”

Simcha M. Topanga Canyon, CA

“I have seen the results of his work for 35 years and speaking as a successful oculoplastic surgeon, I can honestly say that NO ONE ELSE COMES CLOSE. His facelifts, breast procedures, and eyelid surgery are nationally and internationally respected.”

Doug Bonanno Los Angeles, CA

“My name is Doug Bonanno. In December of 1981, you performed some reconstruction of my hand which I injured in a power saw. All five fingers of my hand were cut badly and you saved them all except half of my ring finger. I think of you all the time because I am now a professional guitar player in a working band. Thank you for being the best.”

Jodi, K. Woodland Hills, California

There aren’t enough positive words I could say to describe how I feel about Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy, he made me feel like I was the most important patient and that anything and everything I needed was as important to him as it was to me! He is warm, comforting, and has a great sense of humor! The office staff has been wonderful! and the “girls” look amazing and so natural at 50 years old!! So very pleased.”

Nancy, W. Beverly Hills, California

“I had a precision upper/lower eyelift surgery by Dr. Lesavoy that resulted in sheer PERFECTION & NATURAL BEAUTY! Dr. Lesavoy removed decades of aging so naturally. Friends/family are so impressed at how great I look so soon after surgery! Dr. Lesavoy’s experience is why I choose him to assure the outcome is perfect! Sort of like flying in a plane, do you want the new pilot or the one with tons of experience. As a former model, Dr. Lesavoy is a sure bet!”

Dr. Simcha, M. Topanga Canyon, California

“I have seen the results of his work for 35 years and speaking as a successful oculoplastic surgeon, I can honestly say that NO ONE ELSE COMES CLOSE. His facelifts, breast procedures, and eyelid surgery are nationally and internationally respected.

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