Best Candidates For Procedure

Best candidates for an aesthetic procedure depends on the realistic desire of the patient. A candidate that has unrealistic expectations of the end result of breast augmentation, face and/or neck lift, rhinoplasty, etc., are not good candidates. Additionally, a candidate for an elective cosmetic procedure should be in good health, both medically and emotionally.

Planning For Surgery

After thorough consultation with a Board-Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, the realistic desires and wishes of the candidate will be discussed thoroughly. Following a decision to go forward with the surgery, a date will be chosen that is convenient.

Anesthesia For Surgery

Dr. Lesavoy performs many procedures with local anesthesia and oral sedation (Valium), such as neck lifts, facelifts, eyelid surgery and many others. However, some procedures must be done under general anesthesia such as rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift, abdominoplasty, etc. Our certified surgery center, has two operating rooms, a four-bed recovery room, is certified by the state and essentially is like a mini hospital.

After Surgery

After any of the above surgical procedures and appropriate recovery in our recovery room, you will be discharged and taken home or to a designated after care facility or hotel by your significant other or family member or good friend. Dr. Lesavoy will call whoever is designated to be with you the night of surgery to check on your progress and will also call usually, the following morning. You will have been given a designated date to return following surgery for the first postoperative check-up and then all subsequent follow-up dates.

Your New Look

Dr. Lesavoy places a premium on the “natural” look. He often states after a neck or facelift and appropriate healing time, that a patient will comment by family or friends that have not seen him or her for a while “Did you just come back from vacation, did you lose weight, did you just change your hair, are you sleeping better, are you working out more, do you have a new boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.” IF your friend or family says “Oh, you had a facelift”, that is unacceptable. Your appearance must look natural, yet achieve the goal, within reason, that you desire. It cannot look “done”.

Uncertainty And Risks

There are always risks to any surgical procedure, such as bleeding, nerve insensitivity, infection, heavy scars, and intermittent pain. All of these factors are usually mitigated in time.

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