Brow Lift & Forehead Lift in Beverly Hills

Eliminate drooping eyebrows & forehead wrinkles

Cosmetic Brow Lift by Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy Beverly Hills

Cosmetic forehead surgery by Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy can help smoothen out forehead wrinkles and erase that unwelcomed frowning look.

What is a Brow Lift?

Brow lift is also called Browplasty or forehead lift surgery. This is a forehead rejuvenation surgical procedure smoothen and eliminate drooping eyebrows, prominent forehead wrinkles, and deep furrows between the eyes (glabella). This procedure can help elevate the eyebrows and rejuvenate the upper eyelid area.

Brow Lift Forehead Lift Beverly Hills by Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy

How is the Brow Lift Procedure Performed?

Brow lift surgery is performed as an out-patient procedure. Brow lift surgery can be performed under local anesthesia with some oral sedation. The incision is hidden in the hairline. The brow is lifted into ideal position and fixated. The incisions will be closed with small sutures which will be removed in approximately 5 or 10 days.

What are the different Types of Brow Lift?

Brow lift surgery can be performed in multiple ways using traditional incision or endoscopic technology. The incision will be made along the scalp hidden within the hairline. The underlying tissue of the forehead will be readjusted, and your skin will be lifted to smooth out deep wrinkles in the forehead. After the procedure, the incisions will be closed with fine sutures.

The Brow Lift type will vary depending on your specific cosmetic goals. Some patients may only need to address deep forehead wrinkles, while others may need to elevate their eyebrows, or both.

What Age Should I have a Brow Lift?

The average brow lift patient is between 35 and 75. Brow lifts are indicated with patients who present with significant forehead and glabella wrinkles not easily addressed with Botox®, facial fillers or need elevation of the brows to improve upper eyelid position.

How Much does a Brow Lift Cost?

The cost for brow lift can vary depending on your specific cosmetic goals and type of anesthesia recommended to perform the procedure. During your cosmetic consultation with Dr. Lesavoy, you will be able to discuss your cosmetic goals, and a surgical quote will be provided to you.

Insurance coverage this procedure is extremely rare. Insurance will only cover this procedure if the patient has significant “visual field” obstruction because of a dramatically lowered eyebrow. Your eye doctor must perform a “visual fields” test documenting this obstruction. The results of this test will be submitted along with photos and a letter from the doctor recommending the procedure to be covered as “medically necessary” under the terms of your health insurance contract. The terms of your insurance contract are between you and your health insurance carrier. Many health insurance contracts specifically state blepharoplasty and Brow Lift as non-covered procedures. Please refer to your health insurance contract for details regarding coverage.

How Do I Prepare for Brow Lift Surgery?

Dr. Lesavoy requests his patients stop using any nicotine and nicotine replacement products one month prior to your scheduled surgery date. This included smoking, vaping, and nicotine replacement products. Additionally, please make arrangements to recover in a nicotine-free environment.

Furthermore, patients should cease use of any NSAIDs two weeks prior to your schedule surgery date.

What can I expect during Brow Lift Recovery?

The recovery for this procedure involves ice compresses on the forehead and eyes since gravity will tend to bring the swelling down into the eye area. It is not uncommon for bruising from this procedure to settle down into the eye area. Most patients experience mild to moderate pain usually accompanied by a headache. Medications will be prescribed for this pain but most patients report changing to over-the-counter pain relievers such as Tylenol a few days following surgery. Depending on your specific brow lift procedure, Dr. Lesavoy will let you know when you will be able to wash your hair after surgery. When you are given permission to wash your hair, we recommend using baby shampoo in the beginning to avoid any burning or irritation until the incisions are completely healed.

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