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The Motivations Why Men Seek Neck Lift, Liposuction, & Eyelid Surgery

Plastic surgery and plastic surgery for men has evolved dramatically since the Fanny Brice nose job in a Manhattan hotel room over 100 years ago in 1923. For Fanny, her image was motivated by an unwanted ethnic nose in hopes her new profile would help boost her career in show business. Instead, her brave cosmetic refinement has become a plastic surgery industry talking point more for surgical safety and Hollywood’s vanity instead of people’s desire to surgically erase unwanted features.

Since Fanny’s hotel room surgical experience, plastic surgery has improved on the cosmetic experience with far more advanced anesthesia and, uh, more official operating theaters sans room service. Instead, hotel rooms are highly utilized for post-operative recovery for the comforts of room service and privacy. These cosmetic surgery patients are no longer Hollywood elite’s seeking vanity facial features considered more appealing by their audiences, but the modern-day average guy seeking more desirable features when he looks in the mirror.

Plastic surgery has allowed the evolution of the personal image to escape the boundaries of the rich and famous to almost anyone as cosmetic procedures have not only become safer, but more affordable. Additionally, cosmetic surgical refinements have also become more socially acceptable as friends and family are able to see the boost of self-confidence brought from procedures like rhinoplasty, neck lift, liposuction, and eyelid surgery.

Like Fannie Brice, women have been at the forefront in the pre-operative area for their cosmetic refinements, but men are increasingly identifying the positive impacts of cosmetic refinements.

For most men, cosmetic refinements usually begin with their love handles as they test the cosmetic surgery waters. Liposuction for men is not only to remove unwanted fat, but men often present with requests to remove unwanted love handles that lop over their belt lines and shift focus away from their hard-earned hours at the gym, but also seek liposuction to help define and reveal their six-pack. Like many women, men can also experience stubborn fat areas that don’t seem to go away with diet and exercise. For this reason, men seek liposuction to address these stubborn fat pockets to sculpt their abdomen and refine their physical image. Additionally, some men also seek liposuction of the chest to address excess fat and improve a more masculine chest appearance.

Like women, male aging is not much different thanks to gravity and its unwanted sense of humor as it pulls on the skin of our necks. Many men present to our office describing their necks to that of a turkey. Men no longer desire to look like the main course of Thanksgiving Dinner, but instead seek to tighten their necks and jawline back to something more appealing. Most men delight at being able to see their Adam’s Apple again after neck lift surgery. Additionally, an added benefit to neck lift is the ability to wear a necktie and not be self-conscious of that turkey gobble brushing up against the collar.  The benefits of a neck lift are endless for men as they gain more confidence with their restore jawline, neckline, and rejuvenated face.

Another popular cosmetic surgery for men is eyelid surgery. Like women, men too also experience aging of the upper and lower eyelids resulting in excess skin and unwanted bags that not only indicate aging and sun damaged skin, but give the appearance like you partied all night at the frat house and now you roll in late to history class looking like what the cat dragged in. But no, your college days are long behind, and you need to look like you slept last night before you show up to the board meeting. Yes, we know the stories here at Lesavoy Plastic Surgery, as eyelid surgery for men is very rewarding for our patients.

Men seeking rhinoplasty are often focused on refinements of the same nasal features as women: shape, size, and improved air flow for breathing. For many men, rhinoplasty can also be to correct alignment after sports injuries, but the male rhinoplasty can also be to address changes from the nose due to aging and sun damage. It’s no secret that our nose continues to grow as we age, and some men experience this more than others, as changes to the nasal skin can lead to an undesirable appearance. Back to Fanny Brice, she not only sought to improve the appearance of her profile, but the appearance of the bulbous nasal tip. For many men seeking rhinoplasty, improved profile is not the only request, but improved nasal tip and dorsum for a more masculine appearance.

The growing popularity and acceptance of plastic surgery for men is an added attribute to aging gracefully while maintaining masculinity. In fact, plastic surgery for men is often focused on enhancing and redefining those masculine features often hidden due to the aging process. Plastic surgery can help reveal those features again while boosting self-confidence. Since Fanny showed the world the benefits of cosmetic surgery, perhaps the greatest improvement to plastic surgery is the formality of the official operating room instead of a sketchy hotel room.  In many ways, Fanny paved the way for not only women, but men seeking cosmetic refinements to appease their audience no matter who that may be.


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