Skin Revitalization

Glycolic Acid creams, Retin-A, Microdermabrasion

Offered at Dr. Lesavoy’s office, skin-revitalization treatments are most recommended for patients who seek an improved complexion in the amount of recovery time associated with extensive skin resurfacing procedures.

A special topical treatment can be an option, which can be part of your home skin-care regime or a gentle revitalizing treatment at the office. A nurse of trained esthetician will be able to implement the revitalizing treatment or provide instructions for the use of a topical cream, lotion, or gel.

No anesthesia is needed for skin revitalization treatments and they are all applied to create smoother and refreshed looking facial skin. Glycolic acid creams and lotion can help soften any defects or imperfections on the facial skin. The prescription-strength formulations can help slough away dry, sun-damaged skin cells.

The mild acid can be blended with bleaching agents to correct various areas affected by uneven pigmentation. Your doctor can adjust the strength of the formula or frequency of use after evaluating your skin’s condition during follow-up visits.

Retin-A can be applied to the face nightly as part of your personal skin-care regime. It can treat acne, fine wrinkles, and uneven pigmentation caused by sun damage. Glycolic acid peels are also helpful in providing a fresher, healthier skin appearance with a radiant glow.

Other treatment options include microdermabrasion, which freshens the skin and reduces surface imperfections. These include areas with age spots and sun damage. The technique will use a pen-like instrument that directs a stream of mildly abrasive crystals and gentle suction to areas that require improvement.

You can discuss more skin revitalization treatment options with Dr. Lesavoy by scheduling an appointment at our office.

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