Facial Scar Revision

Reduce scar visibility and improve skin appearance

Injuries can affect everyone and can sometimes leave undesirable scars that last for long lengths of time. Scars can also arrive from disease or a previous surgery. The scar can affect your self-consciousness or even remind you of unpleasant memories.

Dr. Lesavoy offers facial scar revision in Beverly Hills to reduce the visibility of scars. He is trained in evaluating skin and the severity of the scar to prepare the best treatment plan for you.

Each scar is different and can originate from various causes, including surgery or acne. Our treatment plan is tailored to the unique features of your scar, including its condition, age, and severity. Different scar types can include discoloration, post-surgical incisions, acne scars, hypertrophic scars, keloids, and contracture.

There are a number of treatments available for scar revision. After an evaluation of your skin and scar, the following approaches may be recommended:

  • Topical treatment with gels and other medicine
  • Dermabrasion or scar sanding
  • Revision with surgery

Scar revision is aimed towards reducing the visibility of the scar. This includes improving its color so it matches with the surrounding skin. While skin appearance can experience improvements with treatment, you must have realistic expectations about the procedure. Scars cannot be completely erased, but they can be treated until they become barely visible.

Facial Scar SurgeryBecause of its location, a facial scar is usually considered a cosmetic problem, whether or not it is hypertrophic. There are several ways to make a facial scar less noticeable, often it is simply cut the scar out and close it with tiny stitches, leaving a thinner, less noticeable scar.

A scar crossing the natural line, or crease, between the nose and mouth is removed and repositioned using Z-plasty. A forehead scar, located in the natural lines, is excised with tapered ends. The skin is then loosened and brought together with stitches.

If the scar lies across the natural skin creases (or “lines of relaxation”) Dr. Lesavoy may be able to reposition it to run parallel to these lines, where it will be less conspicuous.

The repaired scars will now lie partly within the natural skin crease, where they will be less visible.

Some facial scars can be softened using dermabrasion, which is a controlled scraping of the top layers of the skin using a hand-held, high-speed rotary wheel. While dermabrasion leaves a smoother surface to the skin, it will not completely erase the scar.

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