Chin Augmentation

Chin augmentation surgery can be performed under local anesthesia with some oral sedation. Patients seek to have the ideal facial balance and proportion, which they believe are key determinants of attractiveness. The desired chin projection extends until it matches the level of the lower lip. A deficient skin can detract from having the optimal facial balance. Viewed in profile, an under-projected chin may make the nose appear large. A chin augmentation can help restore facial balance and proportion for an improved profile.

Candidates for chin augmentation are those who seek an improvement to the appearance of an under-projected chin. Most patients do not recognize the appearance of their chin in relation to their nose.

Rhinoplasty alone does not result in the perfect result for patients. In these cases, the patients will be informed of the relationship between chin projection and nasal appearance. During surgery, patients may be provided with local anesthesia or sedation. A small skin incision will be made inside the lower lip in the crease underneath the skin, which will limit the visibility of the scar.

Recovery after chin augmentation may include a few days of soreness and wearing of dissolving chinsutures. The soreness can be treated with oral pain medications. Any swelling or bruising that occurs will subside after one week. You can return to your regular routine and activities after a couple days.

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